What is the Groin Protector Called and How to Choose It


Kicks to the groin are prohibited in all types of martial arts, but nevertheless it is not uncommon to receive accidental hits. Is it worth saying that such hits are very painful and can cause irreparable damage to men’s health?

It concerns not only the kinds of sports where kicks are allowed (mixed martial arts, Thai boxing, karate, kickboxing) but boxing as well.

Therefore, there is nothing more frivolous than to neglect this fact and go into a fight or sparring without groin protection.

There are four types of groin protection

They are:

  1. a shell;
  2. a bandage;
  3. a wide boxing belt made of shock-absorbing material with a tread in the groin area;
  4. compression shorts with a shell already built in (or with a pocket for it).

A bandage is a more serious piece of equipment than the usual boxing shell; it’s pretty much the same shell, but with extra padding. In addition to the groin, they can protect the lymph nodes, the lower abdomen, partly the kidneys.

A good bandage should provide ventilation of the groin area, additionally cushioning. Some models have gel layers. The bandage is put on independently, like panties, through the legs. The shell is usually on elastic bands.

The depth of the shell is chosen very individually. And if it will be a little more than necessary – it’s not terrible. Worse, when it is less. In this case, the bandage will “press”, interfere, and cause discomfort. The shell can slip to the side and cease to perform its protective functions.

Bindings, “belt”, elastic bands, straps must be strictly in size. Small ones will press and interfere, and large ones will dangle and not keep the shell in the right place. On many models of bandages they are adjustable, if not, you need to hem them yourself.

Plastic or metal? Metal is certainly more reliable, but the modern types of plastics used in the manufacture of the outfit are also very hard to break. Polycarbonate, carbon fiber, and various types of plastic are used in the manufacture of groin protection.

Certainly it is better to use products of famous brands as their quality has been verified by years and millions of fighters: Everlast, Hayabusa, Venum, Twins, RDX, Green Hill.

Groin protection is not only for men but for women as well.

How to choose the size of the bandage

  • XS – children’s, preschool;
  • S – child;
  • M – teenager;
  • L – adult;
  • XL – for “big” men.

Many manufacturers indicate the size of the groin protection depending on the waist circumference or height of the athlete, in centimeters. The waist (waist) in this case should be measured 2-4 cm above the hips. These sizes are indicated on the package or in the instructions for the product. It is a big mistake to go out to sparring, not properly equipped. Combat fighting is a tough sport and the consequences of accidental bumps can be very sad.

Take care of yourself!