What does Training with Your Own Weight Give You


More and more people around the world are adhering to a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays, there are many training programs designed for any set goals. But exercises with own weight are especially popular.

What is the point?

Such exercises are also called calisthenics. In translation from the Greek “kalos” – beauty, and “sthenos” – strength. That is, as a result these two extremely important parameters of our body increase. The main tool in this case is the man himself. When working with his own weight uses a minimum of equipment. The program is aimed at increasing flexibility, speed and strength characteristics.


  • Significant savings in time. Because of the constant queue that can be seen near the equipment in many gyms, stretched and wasted time. Not everyone can afford to be in the gym for long periods of time. Calisthenics does not require additional equipment. If you’ve been doing this program for a while, you can do approaches without long breaks. Circuit training is good for stimulating fat burning and improving metabolism.
  • Joints experience less stress. Sometimes gym-goers complain of joint pains that are caused by working regularly with heavy loads. The problem can be exacerbated by poor warm-ups or improper performance. And all this eventually leads to wear and tear on the joints and ligaments. When you train with your own body weight, they are not overloaded, so they are less prone to injury.
  • Significant Calorie Consumption. A large amount of energy is spent, fat is burned much faster and muscle growth is well stimulated.
  • Improved coordination. Weight-bearing exercises are the most practical and functional format because every muscle is involved. This approach also results in an overall increase in dexterity.
  • No specific knowledge is needed. All exercises are easy to perform, quite natural and habitual, intuitive. Calisthenics is suitable for men and women of different ages. It is also a great way to get rid of excess weight. You can also solve problems such as:
    • Creating a sculpted torso;
    • improving stamina, coordination, speed;
    • muscle building.

Performing exercises for mass, it should be understood that over time, training with your weight will later become more familiar and easier. For girls with excess fatty tissue, such exercises can be detrimental, because there is a strong load on certain organs. In other words, the help of competent instructors is necessary for the competent and safe management of health. A selection of the most effective and simple exercises. This list is clear and doable:

  1. pull-ups;
  2. push-ups;
  3. jumping up from a standing or sitting position;
  4. double twists;
  5. plank.

For beginners, this is quite enough. Over time, the difficulty should be increased. Exercises can be done at home or outdoors without wasting time on trips to the gym. With their help you will learn how to fully use the possibilities of the body and realize your strength potential. But remember that a balanced approach in everything is important, and at the beginning the advice of professional trainers will be very useful.