What Compression Pants are for and How to Choose Them


The legs are an athlete’s main working tool. It is important not only to strengthen and improve your leg muscles, but also to protect them from injury and damage. This is often not easy to do without resorting to specialized accessories and equipment, especially for high-level athletes. That’s where compression sportswear with muscle support comes in – it’s really appreciated by those who live in a rhythm of intense, long-lasting workouts.

Why do i need compression pants?

Boxers, runners, gymnasts, athletes, figure skaters, soccer players – the list goes on for a long time with all kinds of sports in which athletes will need support and stabilization for the leg muscles. What is it for and when might it be needed?

  1. First, supporting the muscles during training is necessary to make them more enduring and stronger each time. This is due to the fact that compression improves blood and oxygen flow to the cardiovascular system and increases muscle tone.
  2. Secondly, compression greatly reduces muscle vibrations. This will help increase your coordination and make your movements faster and clearer. At the same time you will get tired much slower.
  3. Third, by providing compression to your legs, you protect your muscles, veins, and vessels from sprains, injuries, and damage.
  4. Fourth, an athlete needs compression pants not only during but also after training to speed up his own recovery. The secret is that compression prevents the build-up of lactic acid, which is the cause of prolonged fatigue and muscle soreness after heavy exertion.

Training in sports pants will have a positive impact on your performance, and doing sports will be even more enjoyable. Compression underwear owes its properties to the history of its appearance and manufacturing technology. “Passed” it in the sport from medicine, which still continues to be used for therapeutic purposes and for the prevention of injuries. As a rule, it is sewn from a strong, slightly tight but elastic material (a combination of polyester and spandex).

It sits on the figure perfectly and precisely as a fit, it has a compressive effect and emphasizes its advantages. It has a pleasant to the touch surface, excellent stretch and breathability. It gives a balanced, even pressure on those parts of muscles that need it. Another important advantage of the compression material is that it retains heat and wicks away moisture. This makes the outfit universal for training both in cold and hot weather. In addition, compression workout clothing has an anti-bacterial coating on the inside.

Wear and care

Compression clothing is not recommended to be worn without breaks. If contraindications such as arteritis, thrombangiitis, atherosclerosis, skin dermatitis apply to you, then use is not recommended. To reduce the risk of injury, consult a trainer or therapist beforehand.

Since the material of the outfit is quite specific, it requires special care. Wash the pants inside out at a temperature not exceeding 30°C or on a delicate cycle. Do not bleach your outfit using strong detergents or agents with chlorine. This will help to preserve the original appearance of the pants and keep their properties for a long time.