Suit-Sauna and it’s Use for Training Boxers


The sauna suit, invented and manufactured several years ago, is advertised as a garment for women and men who want to lose weight. Can such a suit be used for weight loss in a boxer? Absolutely! But there are a number of nuances of using the sauna suit in the training process of boxers, unlike people who are not engaged in constant physical activity.

What is a suit-sauna?

A sauna suit is a vinyl suit that prevents air access from the outside and retains heat on the inside. It is these features that allow with the help of such clothing to sweat quickly and thus reduce the amount of water, as well as fat in the body.

By the way, this method of weight loss has been known for a long time. Only it was carried out with the help of a plastic wrap, which was wrapped around a slimmer and a special cosmetic. Under the suit-sauna should wear cotton underwear that absorbs moisture released by the skin. Thus, the main function of the sauna suit is to block the heat released by the body and increased sweating, which contributes to weight loss.

Effect of the sauna suit

Physical exercise in a sauna suit is performed in order to remove excess moisture from the body, and with it the burning of fat deposits on some problem areas of the body. For a boxer, burning fat and cleansing skin cells of toxins is an important part of his physiological processes leading to body cleansing as well as weight loss.

On the other hand, constant increased sweating leads to dehydration of the body, which in turn can have a negative impact on the athlete’s success. The use of the suit – sauna is effective rather in the pre-competition period, as a longer period of wearing a super-tight clothing for weight loss can lead to the development of side effects.

Nutritionists recommend using a salt-free diet along with the sauna suit for normal body functioning and increased sweating during weight loss periods. The results of some weight loss by the athlete after completing this cycle, can be very quickly offset by the body’s ability to quickly gain weight after forced weight loss.

The use of the sauna suit in the training process in boxers fairly quickly leads to the desired result. While in the past (and even now) many boxers regularly went to the sauna to lose weight, now with the help of the sauna suit they can do it without spending too much time sweating in the sauna or bathhouse, losing weight in the gym or training in the open air.

It has already been proven that the suit-sauna is necessary precisely in the case of rapid weight loss in the athlete, but not for a long period of weight loss. Accordingly, it is necessary to follow a special diet that should be prescribed by a dietitian or a sports doctor, who knows the nuances of the training process and preparation for the competition in boxing.

What are the boxer’s purposes while working in the sauna costume?

It is enough to stay in the sauna costume for 30-40 minutes a day and apply physical exercises for the effect of its use to be visible and real. So what happens during such workouts? The body expends a lot of energy in the process of sweating: for 1 liter of sweat – 582 kcal.

To compensate for water loss in the body, you need to replenish them by drinking 350 grams for every 10 kg of weight. The rule of thumb is: the more water you drink, the more calories you spend on sweating. Since water does not contain calories, they will not add up in any case. And with the process of sweating, the metabolism in the body increases, which also contributes to weight loss and the loss of extra pounds in the athlete.

The so-called “drying” of muscles before competitions is necessary for both bodybuilders and boxers. This is especially true for professional fighters. The methods used in this case are well known – 1-1,5 hours of intensive training in the suit.

The suit also has another purpose – to get rid of edema, although in some cases it is better to see a doctor than to try to remove edema yourself.

Removal of toxins from the body. With increased fatigue, lack of sleep, improper nutrition, which is also found in boxers, also recommended to use the suit – sauna, in order to remove toxins from the body with sweat. Drinking regime on such days should be intensive, and the process itself lasts no more than a week. “Flushing” of all systems of the body will help to restore strength and achieve better results in the ring.

Sauna suit will bring your physical condition and mood to a new level, as well as increase your activity and therefore raise the bar for good results.