How to Choose a Rashguard (Rash Guard)


A rashguard is not just a stylish, tight T-shirt, as it seems at first glance. It is an element of protective equipment with specific useful properties. It protects the skin, prevents the muscles from cooling down, perfectly absorbs sweat, leaving the body dry. Has many other advantages, but the topic is another article.

Today we will consider point by point how to choose a headgear without making a mistake in order to get all the benefits and advantages of its use. This article can even be used as an algorithm for choice.

To begin with we must answer the most important question. Why do you need a headgear? It’s one thing to run in the morning when it’s cool, quite another to wrestle in a parterre in an exhausting workout. For jogging or light fitness, the requirements will certainly be less demanding. You don’t have to buy the most technologically advanced, most expensive. Wrestlers can also have different requirements for clothing, from the degree of compression, to, if you want “elitism,” the prestige of the brand.

Now think about whether it makes sense to buy a whole set (with pants), not necessarily right now, maybe later? Then choose the rashguard, keeping in mind a future additional purchase. It would be logical if the whole set you buy one brand, one color scheme, with similar characteristics.

The size is the most important question, you cannot go wrong with it. The main advice, if you have no opportunity to try on – buy the outfit only in those stores that give the right to return the goods, and the longer this period, the better.

Focus on the size grid of the manufacturer, but take into account a few other things. The first is compression – how much should the rashguard fit the body? Do you personally like it? Some athletes like it tight, some like it loose enough. Round up the size in that direction.

If, for example, you’re tall, with not very broad shoulders, with long limbs, and you choose by height (the length of the sleeve, which should reach to the beginning of the wrist), in this case you can lose in compression. If it is compression that you need, then it makes sense to consider a short-sleeve chestguard.

Many manufacturers offer a size grid not only by height, but also by the athlete’s weight, taking into account both parameters.

Correctly chosen in size the whole body is fitted tightly without pulling it tight, but at the same time it “presses” on muscles. It does not hinder movements and allows working freely in all amplitudes. If its size is bigger, you will not get any advantages from it. If it is smaller, it will be uncomfortable to train in it, and it will tear quickly.

There are only few materials from which rashgard are made – nylon, polyester, spandex, elastane, bamboo fiber. Perhaps it is not necessary to go deep into the subject of which one is better. All materials have decent characteristics. But if you insist, bamboo fabric has better air exchange, but it is less durable, spandex is better stretched, but it often has “puffs”. Polyester has a greater compression effect but is less sweat-wicking and has worse ventilation compared to other materials.

Rushgards can be long or short sleeved. Long sleeve is preferable to those who wrestle a lot because it protects your whole body from contact with the opponent and from contact with the mat. Elbows must be protected too!

Short-sleeved rashguard suits more to kickers. They do not need long sleeves and the velcro on the gloves often leaves tightness on the sleeves.

There are hundreds of options, the most striking solutions, sometimes very unexpected. No wonder – some models are created by professional, world-renowned clothing designers. The wishes of athletes, users, professionals are taken into account.

You can choose not only a bright rashguard with juicy, artistic prints, there are models modest in terms of design, in some situations more appropriate. Monochrome, in a restrained, classic tones.

A special stand out are the series of models approved by the Federation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Sleeves of different colors and special design elements indicate the level of skill and match the color of the belt.

Type of prints. The highest quality – sublimated, when the paint is embedded in the fabric structure. Such a picture will not fade even after numerous washings.

Antibacterial impregnation. It is better, of course, that she was. But please do not consider this to be the main criterion when buying.