How to Boil a Mouth Guard


The mouth guard you bought in the store is not yet usable. It is just a “blank”. It has to be welded before it can be used as intended. In the truest sense of the word. In a saucepan or metal plate. After that, fit it to your jaw shape.

Everyone is individual, and your mouth guard should protect you as much as possible.

Types of boxing mouthguards

  1. Boxing mouth guards come in one-jaw (upper teeth only) and bi-jaw (bilateral) versions.
  2. Bi-jaw mouth guards are commonly used by professionals or athletes with previous jaw injuries.

One-jaw mouth guards are more comfortable, they allow you to breathe easier, speak and even spit.

All mouth guards are usually the same size except for children’s mouth guards.

The most affordable mouth guards are rubber ones as well as those made of latex or thermosilicone. More advanced ones are made of a special gel and are used exclusively by professionals.

Caps cost inexpensively, so there is no sense to save on them. If you are prone to allergies, then choose dental protection made of higher quality materials.

It is better, of course, to buy a mouth guard of a known manufacturer, it will protect better, more convenient “will fit”. We recommend brands Everlast, Flamma, Adidas, AML, Opro, Venum.

A step by step algorithm of how to cook a mouthguard:

You will need: a towel, a mouth guard, scissors, a bowl of cold water and a small pot of hot water.
Put the pot of water on the fire.

When the water is boiling, put the kale in it, and let it boil for 40-60 seconds (if you forget to take it out after a longer time it might become unusable).

After you take it out, dip it in cold water for a couple of seconds to let it cool down a bit, then put it in your mouth and bite down hard.

How to bite properly: with your thumbs, press the mouthpiece firmly against your upper molars, and then suck air powerfully through your teeth so that it lays tightly; press your tongue against your palate.

Hold it in this position for about 1 minute; just freeze, don’t move anything in your mouth.

Then take it out and cool it in cold water, it will harden literally within a couple of minutes.

If the mouth guard had a holder, cut it off or remove it.

If it didn’t work the first time and you feel discomfort while trying it on, you can repeat the procedure. A mouth guard should turn out as an impression of teeth at the dentist and exactly repeat the anatomy of the jaw.

If you have braces or dentures, be even more careful. Keep the mouth guard in boiling water for a little less time (about half a minute). It is ideal if you take the time to consult with your doctor.

If the mouth guard after you boiled it has become soft or changed color, it is a low-quality mouth guard. Do not use it.

What injuries a mouth guard protects against

  • Protects your teeth from breaking or even knocking them out;
  • Protects the lips from lacerations;
  • Reduces the chance of a concussion;
  • Reduces the likelihood of damage to the cervical vertebrae.

Nowadays a boxing mouth guard is an indispensable attribute of the outfit. Keep it in a special box, do not leave it for a long time in a place unprotected from dust or dirt.

If you are not used to train in it at first, start with a small one. Gradually increase the time, in this period of habituation use it not only in sparring, but also during any exercise, even running.

In a little while you will feel that it does not bother you at all.