About Us

Welcome to ProAdventure for all your Adventure Holidays, Skills Training and Qualifications.

We are the top provider of both adventure experiences and skills courses in the area.

Our ethos is to help you learn about the outdoors and improve your skills, whether on a 90 minute taster or a 16 week training course.

  • Gorge Walking

Gorge Walking, or Canyoning as it is known in other parts of the world, is a surprisingly satisfying activity! Making your way up (or down) a narrow, deep cleft carved in the side of a mountain by the deceptively small stream through which you are wading, or swimming. Climbing up raging torrents, secured by your instructor’s rope, jumping into deep pools and abseiling down waterfalls can all be part of the fun.

  • Target Sports

Bang, twang and thud, those are the sounds of our target sports.
Whether your a budding Robin Hood, axeman or Target shooter, we have the toys, knowledge and venues to enable you to to have a go at these “traditional” country sports.

  • Bushcraft and Survival with ProAdventure

We all feel the call of the natural world, or enjoy the thought of being able to live off the land, using it and not abusing it. Bushcraft, survival and campcraft is all about this.

Do you want to know how to build a durable shelter out of the resources to hand, be able to light a fire by friction or other simple means, keep it going, and create a cooking area – be it a stone hearth or a simple pit fire? Skinning rabbits, cooking fish, sharpening your knife – our dedicated wilderness instructors can offer all of these skills and more.

Our bushcraft and survival Courses will give you all the information and skills you need to start getting out there and putting it into practice.

Then go on one of our bushcraft canoe trips, where we get you out into the wilds by using a canoe to travel to camp. This is the perfect test of your skills and to hone them to perfection, or to learn extra new skills

  • Rock climbing and abseilling

Rock Climbing is a traditional yet fast-growing indoor and outdoor sport. All of our friendly, fully qualified instructors are dedicated climbers, and they will help you to reach your full potential. We have a variety of crags within a few miles of Llangollen, offering a wide range of climbs, and Snowdonia is just a few miles away, with many classic climbing and mountaineering routes to offer. What better base for your climbing adventure? The emphasis is on having fun and getting a buzz in total safety. Those scared of heights will always be encouraged, never forced. So whether you are looking for your first taste of climbing with our introduction climbing courses or want to gain your SPA instructors award we are the right people in the right place!

  • Kayaking

Kayaking with ProAdventure in North Wales, home to some of the best venues for teaching Kayaking in the UK. We have easy access to everything from lovely flat water to raging rapids, the sea to lakes. It’s perfect! Whether you are looking to get out for the first time as a beginner kayaker or work your way through the BCU star awards we can sort it for you. Our team of highly qualified, experienced and safe coaches will give you what you want and more from your time with us.

  • Holidays & Breaks

Holidays and being away from it all go hand in hand. Here at ProAdventure we understand and in fact look for those destinations that we can have fun in, while getting away from all the day to day stresses of the working world. That doesn’t have to mean that we are going to the ends of the world and away from everyone and everything. Just that the pace of life changes, the aims and rewards change and the fun level go sky high. Everyone loves to try something new on holiday, or improve an existing skill level.

  • Multi Activity Courses, Breaks and Holidays

We know that most of us want to try a wide range of things. Something new, redo something you have tried before. Push limits or gentley cruise through your time off. This is where our multi activity breaks are the best of everything.

You can choose from our preset packages. These are the most common activities that you, (our customers) have asked for and that we have put together in easy to book packages. Or you can “build your own” where you choose what activities, how many and what duration.

All of our holidays are led by experienced, knowledgeable and fun staff, who will give you the best adventure possible, while keeping you happy and safe at all times.